What does this club offer?

Novice, intermediate QA or a QA coach - Something for everyone

  • Professional mentoring
  • Share opportunities and network
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Conduct and participate in bootcamps
  • Career coaching

Professional Mentoring

Want to start a QA career? Find a mentor who is willing to help you get there by providing professional guidance

Want to move to next level in your QA career? Get in touch with the experts in the community for career advice.

QA Bootcamp

This is exclusively for people who want to start their career as QA engineer. Nothing beats the value of a professional degree. The aim of this bootcamp is to help with some additional one-on-one sessions on various topics of QA with some hands on exercises.

The bootcamp is structured to get a person comfortable to apply for QA internships and entry-level positions.

Tech blog and debates

The club will have its own tech blog where members can post on topics of interest, have series under a topic, share best practices and scenarios.

Club also aims to conduct tech debates/discussions using platforms like Kialo.

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